Dress up the environments with new creative Alchemies

Working with leading architectural firms has allowed us to expand and improve our work skills. “It is impossible for a man to learn what he believes he already knows”. That’s why we have never set limits to the challenges that illustrious architects have proposed us. Create custom furniture with precious materials, such as wood, steel, fabric, marble and glass, allowed us to satisfy customers who have seen realized their own dream, from its planning up to live it.



Alchimia, our new collection, is proposed in partnership to architects and interior designers who want to give value to their projects by making them unique and unrepeatable.

The laboratory is our design ground, where we create collections that are able to manifest and reveal our identity. Furnishing objects are able to communicate, through their design, a thought, an intent, a precise expressive reason. The Alchimia collection is inspired by the alchemical process. It captures its philosophical metaphor and translates it into design, by elevating each material and highlighting every single detail.

Hand-crafted sculptural pieces characterized by ribbed mahogany lines, embellished with onyx or Calacatta Oro marble tops. A timeless and eclectic design, able to give dynamism and elegance to environments in a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and trend, rigor and comfort.

Make an art of your passion

We strive to turn successful architect’s projects into reality by creating living dreams purposely designed for luxurious homes all around the world. Our international and comprehensive flair for creating bespoke furniture has allowed us to meet more varied types of design. What sets us apart is the quality of our craftsmanship, our love for excellence, and our meticulous attention to details. Over 25 years of passion, art and design.

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Turn your ideas into gold with the Alchimia Collection