For centuries, alchemists have pursued the dream of finding the “philosopher’s stone”, a mysterious substance that would have allowed them to transform the crudest and poorest metals into precious ones. “Alchemy” was precisely called the search for the magical “fecundating matter”, which would have made this transformation possible. “Alchemy”: a word that over time has lost its scientific and esoteric value, assuming a more mysterious and magical one. But it is then possible to attribute a concrete, tangible value to this word, because this transformation process can be a reality, by obtaining a noble and precious object from a raw material.
This need has remained alive in the philosophy that led Omnibus Design to the creation of Alchimia, the new collection designed by Martina Innocenti, the company’s marketing manager. Our bar cabinet holds the symbols of this ancient “art.” A handcrafted casket with cannettè processing, topped by a precious onyx top, which contains a magic of light and mirrors. In this case, the “fecundating matter” was the synergy of many different professionals, united by the sole intention of creating beauty.