“Aeternus was born from my desire to give new life to plants and trees that would otherwise be forgotten or burnt. Each piece in this collection is unique, and each has a story behind its creation. Some of the wood comes from the Mugello Valley, while some was shaped by mother nature in the Pratomagno woods. I did not have a definite idea or a specific project in mind. I would observe different tree trunks that had lost their roots, and assess their quality, width, and knots and I concluded that they wouldn’t want to be burned in a fireplace. In my opinion, old, sick trees still have a lot to give; I consider them creatures that are born, grow, and die just like all living beings on earth. To me, it is as if the shapes and knots that form on tree trunks are keeping a jealously guarded secret, a shape which is waiting for someone to come and free it from the trunk bark. My desire is to be the one who frees this shape and creates a new design from an old trunk.”